If Gamecock fans didn’t exist, we’d have to invent them.

There’s just something so pure about ’em. Every year, they get their guts ripped out by underachieving quarterbacks (who were destined for Heisman greatness before the season started), coaches with MNC rings on their fingers who get dragged down to the level of the program and defenses loaded with all-SEC talent (just ask them!) that end up the season looking up from the bottom of the conference stats.

Yet every year they’re back predicting how their team is going to take the SEC and the college football world by storm.

Like this guy, whose post is a distillation of the blind optimism, lack of logic and sensitivity to any hint of inferiority about the program that seemingly marks every USC fan from birth.

He’s somebody who can say, in dismissing eight (!) interceptions in a spring game that was structured to be as quarterback friendly as possible, “It’s always dangerous to make judgments based on one game…”, yet has no problem doing exactly that when he writes “Mr. Stafford, meet Mr. Brinkley. Again.” (With a bonus Quincy Carter reference tossed in, to boot…)

Yeah, dude: 16-12, 16-12, 16-12. I get it.

(h/t Brisco @DawgRun)


UPDATE: Groo notes that reality can have its ugly side.


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11 responses to “If Gamecock fans didn’t exist, we’d have to invent them.

  1. scdawg

    Wait, is TB a “homer” becuase he picked UGA #1 in the preseason, or is he a “national media type” because he saw how many picks USC threw in the spring game?

    Seriously though, how do you think SOS felt about that stat? Eight picks when you can’t rush the passer is pretty awful. I’ve been hearing they’ve been trying to get their savior, Garcia, back early from suspension so he can have a full summer of practice. I guess I would too.


  2. I don’t necessarily think Tony Barnhart is automatically the greatest thing since sliced bread, but when you’re looking at a debate between Tony Barnhart and Lee Corso and you decide that Corso is the one on the side of the angels, your shark has been jumped.


  3. peacedog

    If we extend the sample size out far enough, I see no reason why SC won’t win an SEC title one of these decades.


  4. DirkDawggler

    It took Matt Stafford until the Auburn game in ’06 to start recognizing the speed/coverages of the SEC. His learning curve is just about complete…and we’re talking almost 2 full seasons of play…taking virtually every snap.

    Beecher has thrown 25 passes in his career: 7 attempts against S. Carolina State and 15 vs. La-Lafayette. 1 incompletion vs. Florida.

    Smelley has 8 td’s / 6 picks vs SEC competition.

    It’s going to take more than a summer’s worth of practice for Garcia to be effective. There is no evidence that this kid is capable of being able to handle the responsibility of a quarterback. In fact, he has not shown any ability to handle any responsibility.

    Defensively, they are talented. But will Brinkley be the same after his major knee injury?

    Spurrier knows that his team is not very good right now. Your “Quote of the day” pretty much sums it all up. Carolina may be lucky to go 6-6 again this season.


  5. dean

    I have to agree with the guy about the defense improving because, frankly, it couldn’t get much worse. I know the old saying “defense wins championships” and I agree with it some what. However you’ve got to be able to put points on the board as well. If I’m a gamecock fan that would be my biggest concern. Furthermore for the sake of argument let’s all pretend that the QB’s won’t be as bad as the spring game indicated. They’ve yet to determine whom are their biggest “weapons” on offense? What player(s) has that innate ability to take it to the house every time he touches the ball? Anyone? Anyone? Yea, me either.


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  7. Nugent

    Evidently you didn’t get it enough. So here it is again…….16-12!


  8. Cock Lover

    I love me some overconfident bulldogs. This sounds just like last spring. I ain’t spewing out the score or anything, but I remember when most UGA fans (and the team apparently) had all but given up on themselves. Remember that 5 game SEC East Losing streak? Followed by the snapping-celebratory Vandy-Classy Dance? You know, now that I think about it, preseason polls do serve a purpose, to make the crotch sniffers feel like world beaters because they beat Hawaii, Florida (in a brilliant game won by Mr. Richt) and Auburn. That’s about it. What happened the last time you guys had a top ten ranking and a heisman candidate QB coming into the brice, how is that question not relevant?


  9. What happened the last time you guys had a top ten ranking and a heisman candidate QB coming into the brice, how is that question not relevant?

    Aside from the fact that it was almost a decade ago, with different coaching staffs and players, I can’t think of a single reason.

    But you’re not asking the right question, friend.

    What I want to know is why “It’s always dangerous to make judgments based on one game…” is a valid point to make when it’s refuting something negative about South Carolina, but not when it’s refuting something negative about a Gamecock opponent.


  10. Cock Lover

    Senator Blutarski, I salute you, and cordially invite you to come have a bourbon drink with me in Columbia on what is usually my favorite game of the year, win or lose.

    Your question is valid, and while I am certainly not oblivious to the hypocrisy that comes with being a Gamecock, I guess I just don’t care.

    The title of your piece ignores a reality that exists in every sport, as there will always be underdogs, there’s no need to invent anyone.

    Delusional? Oblivious? Hypocritical? Sure, but no more so than any other underdog fan out there, and while I admire your enthusiasm, sense of humor and writing style, I have to read this blog entry and say, “Duh.”

    Are we going to beat you because we did last year? No, no more so than you guys are going to win this one because you are ranked # 1. Keep up the blog, it’s a good site except for all the puppy love.


  11. Thanks for the invite, man. I’ve been to several Georgia games in Columbia and, aside from the heat on occasion, I’ve always had a great time.

    As for your general point, I have to disagree a bit. At the risk of sounding condescending, which isn’t my intent here, you guys really do take delusion to a higher level than other college football fans. (Well, except for Georgia Tech fans.) That’s why I like you guys so much.