Thanks for the tickets, ASU.

By the way, while I’m patting Mr. Westerdawg on the back this morning, a few  more bouquets should be thrown in his direction and Kanu’s, as it looks like their nefarious plan to put red and black derrieres in the seats at Arizona State is having some impact, according to none other than Dennis Erickson.

3. The Dawgs are buying up ASU season tickets: I talked to Arizona State coach Dennis Erickson the other day. He says his fans are fired up over Georgia’s trip to Tempe on Sept. 20. “Shoot, we like playing teams from the SEC,” said Erickson, who won a pair of national championships at Miami. “I just wish Georgia wasn’t so good.” Erickson told me that a lot of people from Georgia are buying up Arizona State’s season ticket packages, some of which are as cheap as $99. “Something tells me Georgia is going to have a pretty good crowd here,” Erickson said.

Way to go, fellas.

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  1. Two of said derrieres will belong to me and one of my best friends from my Red & Black days. I can’t wait to see what the upper deck of Sun Devil Stadium looks like that weekend.

    As for the rest of that Barnhart post you linked to, I predict a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth from Techie readers. Not only has the standard narrative on the GT-JaxSt game completely switched from “Automatic Tech blowout” to “OMG, what if Perrilloux actually beats the Jackets?”, but “College Gameday” might actually be coming to Tech’s very backyard — to cover a matchup between two of Tech Nation’s most historically despised neighbors. From a Tech fan’s perspective, I think the Clemson-Bama hype might even be tougher to endure than Georgia’s three trips to the Dome for SEC championship games over the past 5+ years.