Even more on the schedule

Barnhart’s got some really good stuff on you-know-what posted today. First of all, a very obvious point:

When it comes to analyzing a tough schedule, it’s not just WHO you play and WHERE you play them. Another big factor that makes a schedule really difficult is WHEN you play somebody. In other words, who did you play the week before and who did your opponent play the week before?

Second, an interesting factoid/observation:

When Georgia dominated the series against Florida in the Vince Dooley years, the Bulldogs always had an open date or a very winnable game the week before going to Jacksonville. Some of that scheduling flexibility was taken away when the SEC went to divisional play in 1992. I went back and looked at the 44 seasons that have been played since Vince Dooley became head coach in 1964 and I believe the trip to LSU (Oct. 25) represents the best team the Bulldogs have played the week before Florida in that span. In 1969 Georgia played Tennessee, the eventual SEC champions, the week before Florida and lost (17-3) in Athens…

I’d like to see an analysis of Florida’s schedule the week before the WLOCP to see if there’s a similar effect.

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  1. Will

    I don’t really see how such an analysis would be possible, Senator, since everyone knows the WLOCP has only been played since the nineties.