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Behind the numbers

Sometimes, Tony Barnhart is a brave man.


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This isn’t a BCS post.

Odds and ends for this morning:

  • Does ESPN have too much power?  Even the poker world is asking that question.
  • Speaking of the WWL, Ivan Maisel is accompanying Mark Richt and the other college coaches on that Mid-East tour and will be keeping a diary of the trip.  Here’s the first installment.
  • FSU Prez T. K. Wetherell rambles on about why college football coaches deserve the salaries guys like him agree to pay.  After you read it, you begin to understand why it’s futile to expect ADs and Presidents to exercise any financial discipline.  No wonder coaches’ agents like Jimmy Sexton have a field day.
  • From Tyrone Willingham, this is the single most depressing quote about college football I’ve read this year:  “We are moving closer to the NFL in being more of a packaged product for TV. The reason for these changes are dollars. We need TV. We need that partnership.” Argh.  Just… argh.


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