One of a kind

As part of its ongoing “BCS at 10” series, ESPN today looks at how the SEC has fared during the BCS era.  There are lists of top programs, games, moments and players.  Roy Kramer gets to pat himself on the back.

And then there’s one reference to someone who’s none of the above.  From the “Top 10 Moments” list comes this:

9. Georgia gets out “hobnail boot” in epic win over Vols: In one of his more memorable calls in a career full of memorable calls, Georgia legendary play-by-play announcer Larry Munson bellowed in 2001 that “We just stepped on their face with a hobnail boot,” after David Greene tossed the winning TD to upset Tennessee, 26-24.

He’s the only announcer mentioned.


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3 responses to “One of a kind

  1. JasonC

    Oddly enough, despite being a UGA fan and grad, the 2 Top SEC Games of the BSC Era that I was at were: 1998 Tenn over Florida (and it was pandaemonium after the game) and Michigan beating Bama in the Orange Bowl which ESPN incorrectly listed as 2006 when it was actually on Y2K. I was working both games.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    Damn right.


  3. Glad to see that Munson got his due on that one…

    I still think I like the Lindsey Scott better though — I can always hear Larry just chanting his name over and over … until the chair gave way.

    Nice find.