Rivals’ power rankings

Rivals has its 2008 power rankings up for the top 25 at each position group, along with head coaches and coordinators.

Although nobody from Georgia heads any of the lists, there’s plenty of representation to be found: Richt at #6 (the highest ranked HC without a MNC ring); Bobo as the #13 OC; Martinez as the #12 DC; Knowshon ranked #2 at RB, behind OSU’s Wells; Stafford at #5 among QBs (and check out that factoid on Pat White); Geno Atkins as the #12 DLman;  Ellerbe ranked as the #14 LB.


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2 responses to “Rivals’ power rankings

  1. JG

    Wow. Sometimes i wonder who they have putting these lists together.

    My top 5 at every position would be different. Some of the players they have outside of the top 10 i would put in the top 3.

    I wish these sites would grade their preseason predictions at the end of the year…


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    Geno Atkins is getting some major pub this offseason; hopefully he treats Jeff Owens to the occasional dinner.