Apples and oranges

With the Football Championship Subdivision (the division formally known as Division 1-AA) expanding its playoff field to 20 schools, its members are struggling to adjust their schedules to accommodate the longer postseason. It looks like the bye week is going to be sacrificed.

Something else is going by the wayside: the twelfth game.

In the absence of an off week, the recurring idea of adding a 12th regular-season game seems all but dead. The message: FCS programs see more value in increased playoff opportunities than in the revenue of an additional home game, somewhere in the neighborhood of $40,000 in ticket sales alone at SDSU. [Emphasis added.]

That, of course, is the opposite of how the numbers work in D-1. I point this out not to say which is better or worse, but simply to note that this is one reason I discount the “all the other divisions have football playoffs, so why doesn’t D-1” argument. The financial structures are completely different.

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