Georgia’s ten most memorable plays, 2007 edition

What’s the offseason for, if you can’t make lists?

Similarly to my ten best SEC games retrospective, I thought, starting tomorrow, I’d take a shot at listing the ten most memorable plays of Georgia’s last season. (And no, I’m not doing brackets.)

“Memorable” means just that. Sometimes plays stick with us because they happen at momentous times during the course of a college football year. Sometimes we remember the individual effort of a player to make something remarkable happen. And sometimes it’s the nature of the play itself that affects how a game – or even a season – turns out.

What I won’t include on my list are plays where Georgia was simply a fortuitous beneficiary, such as Oklahoma State’s bad snap on its first punt attempt of the season, or plays that might have been the difference in a loss, as was the case with Stafford overthrowing Moreno on what would have been a touchdown in the South Carolina game.

And I think we’ll skip the Tennessee game while we’re at it, too.

Feel free to toss in your favorites, as well.


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14 responses to “Georgia’s ten most memorable plays, 2007 edition

  1. dean

    My most memorable play is Rennie Curran coming from the weak side and catching Percy Harvin in the backfield. That was when I truly realized Rennie was special player. Most people may not remember this play but if you go to Youtube and watch Rennie’s highlights from last year you’ll see how impressive it really was. The play was developing pretty good and Harvin was about to turn the corner, so if Rennie doesn’t catch him who knows… I understand this was not necessarily a “game changer” or maybe not even be Rennie’s best play of the year (could be another list) but it has just stuck in my mind.


  2. Darryl Gamble’s forced fumble in the waning minutes against Vanderbilt, while not necessarily an eye-popping visual, might have been the biggest play of the entire season. Consider what would’ve happened had Vandy scored a TD on that drive and had Georgia not been able to answer with a TD of their own in the couple of minutes that were left; with that and the Tennessee game back-to-back, you really have to ask yourself whether we would’ve been able to win another game all year long.


  3. Hassan

    Bama….’nuff said.


  4. Dr. Ken

    While maybe not the most memorable, I think one of the most important was the long 3rd down reception by Sean Bailey against Florida on the last drive. Don’t pick up that first down and I’m not sure we win that game.

    My favorite play of the entire season was Knowshon’s run at the end of the 3rd quarter against Auburn. He broke about 4 tackles and had his facemask grabbed and just wouldn’t go down.

    (btw, if it’s the play I remember, I could swear it was Rennie running down Bubba Caldwell, not Harvin.)


  5. “My favorite play of the entire season was Knowshon’s run at the end of the 3rd quarter against Auburn. He broke about 4 tackles and had his facemask grabbed and just wouldn’t go down.”

    This is mine as well.


  6. BenG

    There are two I can’t decide between:

    Knowshon’s 24-yard TD run against Auburn. Fantastic execution by the whole offense plus a brilliant cut by Mr. Moreno. I hear Verne Lundquist yelling “What a cut!” in my dreams.

    And then Stafford to Bailey for an 80-yard TD against Florida. It was just so pretty. Extra credit for making the ‘turds look foolish.


  7. Thinking Bulldog

    The 80 yard TD was to MoMass. Mikey’s catch vs. Florida must be on the list as well. Didn’t we block a punt against OSU on their first possession and then score on the first play from scrimmage? That seems like 100,000 years ago, as Larry would say.


  8. Fell In Buttsmehre

    For pure excitment, not necessarily the most important, Marcus Howard’s CRUSHING sack on Colt Brennan in the end zone. From the way he faked the right tackle outside, to the perfect hit delivered right into his chest to the catlike reflexes he exhibited reaching out for the fumble recovery, this was as good a defensive play as it gets.

    If you’ve got the game recorded on Tivo, this is a fun one to watch in slow motion. Brennan just collapses as he gets hit. It is almost how the golf ball compresses on those CBS Bizhub slow motion shots.


  9. Mike

    Staff to MoMass vs Auburn, 58 yd TD.


  10. dean

    Dr. Ken,
    You are correct. It was Caldwell. For some reason I always confuse the two. There’s no logical reason why but I have since Harvin got there. I can’t seem to get it through my head that Harvin wears #1 not # 5. Nevertheless it doesn’t diminish the outstanding play Rennie made.


  11. Ally

    Marcus knocking Colt Brennan’s block off (for the umpteenth time) for at least 5 yards in the Sugar.

    Oh, and for funniest play of the year: again from the Sugar, Mimbs looking for the Ref then knocking Paepule to the ground after that late hit.


  12. Hobnail_Boot

    1) Knowshon’s 2nd TD of the WLOCP – the one where he went right, made a ridiculous cut to the left and scored.

    2) Knowshon causing a fumble through the endzone @ Tech.

    3) Stafford to Henderson @ Bama.

    4) Rennie breaking Lester in half on the toss sweep vs. Auburn.

    5) Gamble’s forced fumble @ Vandy.

    6) Brown scoring on our first offensive play of the season vs. oSu.

    7) Howard planting Brennan in the Louisiana turf.

    8) Flowers picking of Cox for his EIGTH interception against us in 2 years. Man, I can’t stand Brandon Cox.


  13. NebraskaDawg

    That one particular wacking Brennan took in the Sugar Bowl was by far the most impressive.


  14. BenG

    I was lying half asleep in bed a minute ago when my eyes shot open and I said aloud, “That was Massaquoi.” I am ashamed.