Georgia’s ten most memorable plays of 2007, #8

November 24, Georgia at Georgia Tech

Georgia at 13:26 GA GT
1st and 10 at GA 29 Thomas Brown rush for a loss of 5 yards to the Geo 24. 23 17
2nd and 15 at GA 24 Thomas Brown rush for 33 yards to the GTech 43 out-of-bounds for a 1ST down.
1st and 10 at GT 43 Knowshon Moreno rush for 2 yards to the GTech 41.
2nd and 8 at GT 41 Knowshon Moreno rush for 10 yards to the GTech 31 for a 1ST down.
1st and 10 at GT 31 Knowshon Moreno rush for a loss of 1 yard to the GTech 32.
2nd and 11 at GT 32 Thomas Brown rush for 32 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. 29 17

There were a lot of crazy plays in this game – fumbles, balls bouncing off helmets, Stafford doing his best George Godsey impression on a TD run – but the play that sticks out in my mind was blissfully straightforward.

In an era of read options, spread options, five wides and other frou-frou on offense, it’s immensely satisfying to watch a perfectly blocked simple toss sweep to the right develop exactly like it’s drawn up. Everybody blocks their man (especially Southerland) and nobody lays a finger on Thomas Brown. That’s the play that wrapped the game up and sent the message to every Jacket: there’s a reason it’s seven in a row.

Oh yeah, I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. Stacey Searels is ‘da man.


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4 responses to “Georgia’s ten most memorable plays of 2007, #8

  1. andy

    southerland straight lays the puny bumblebee OUT


  2. Ally

    Its so funny TB scores that beautiful td, but Brannon is the real story here. And I don’t mean any offense to Thomas whatsoever.

    When I think of Brannon Southerland, I think of David Pollack – in the sense that he is a powerful workhorse, a consistent playmaker, and tremendous leader on that line. I’m gonna cry like the girl I am watching his last game 😦


  3. WHAA?

    Although this play was very good, I hope this doesn’t mean you’re going to leave out the Stafford run for a TD in this game.

    That one definitely would be the play that sticks out in my mind for this game, and probably would be one of the top 10 most memorable for me.

    And if you post it, you must include the quote from Stafford after the game where he says he felt like he was running like 2 miles per hour.


  4. dean

    Couldn’t agree with you more on Coach Searels.
    Ask AU about those toss sweeps you’re fond of. They know ALL about ’em.