If jorts are outlawed, only outlaws will wear jorts.

Just so you know, this is courtesy of a Gator message board.

(h/t triton63 @ DawgPost message board)


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13 responses to “If jorts are outlawed, only outlaws will wear jorts.

  1. CLTDawg

    Could’ve gone without seeing that today…

  2. BenG

    Since I had to look at it, I have now sent the link to three of my friends to share the pain.

  3. Mike

    Where do I send the bill for a new keyboard? I just threw up all over mine.

  4. I never knew Bluto was a Gator fan.

  5. dean

    It’s disgusting and funny at the same time. I have to go to a meeting with the Company President and a bunch of other Managers with this in my head. Thanks.

  6. mant

    The goggles…..they do…..nothing…..

  7. Ally

    I honestly did not know hair could grow there.

    What do ya know…You actually do learn something new everyday.

  8. 81Dog


    When, pray tell, did this turn into the “Bears4Gators” page?

    and yet, I cannot turn away. The horror…the horror.

  9. S.E. Dawg

    Looks like a girly man to me. And don’t s//he look proud.

  10. LrgK9

    He can’t help it, he had a traumatic and scarred childhood in FL after his grandmother moved from NJ. She had a frightful accident one day when scales fell upon her at a RR station on the way to Rockaway Beach and subsequently moved south…

  11. Be glad there’s no picture from the front side.😉

  12. Hunkering Hank

    Shut up Sentell!

  13. 81Dog


    and you say, what?