“In our heads. Yea, right.”

Please, go back and read the comment thread to this post about the Celebration.

And then read what Urban has to say on the subject.

Florida coach Urban Meyer made sure to point out that his team has more rivals than just Georgia even though the one rivalry game that Gators fans and players figure to circle on the calendar this year is the Nov. 1 game in Jacksonville against the Bulldogs.

Georgia players celebrated excessively in the end zone after Richt instructed them to draw a penalty after the first score in the Bulldogs’ 42-30 win last year.

Meyer said video of the scene will be used with his team.

“It will,” Meyer said. “We can’t concern ourselves with that right now. that’s a big game. We’re playing Hawaii (in the opener) … so we’re not trying to motivate our team through several workouts with Georgia.”

Meyer won’t deny he’s mentioned the celebration this offseason.

“I won’t say that,” Meyer said. “Our focus isn’t that.”

It’s obvious nobody’s thinking about that elephant in the room.


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