Who refers to Vanderbilt as “the Commies”?

The New York Times’ college sports blog, The Quad, has been running down the list of D-1 schools in order of their projected rankings for 2008. The first one up involving an opponent of Georgia’s is #93 Vanderbilt.

The write up’s OK, and if you’re looking for a dash of snobby East Coast elitism, they’re more than happy to supply it:

… And unlike its fellow SEC brethren, Vanderbilt has never sacrificed its strong academic stature for athletic success –- perhaps that’s why the Commies have not had a winning season since 1982. Well, for those who may say that Vanderbilt has it all wrong, the Countdown says, Way to Go Vandy! Keep up the good work: You are a beacon of academic fortitude in an institution that seems to have forgotten the true meaning of amateur competition.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped Vandy from cashing the checks the conference sends it.

Anyway, I’m not sure you need to know more than this – Returning starters: 10 (3 offense, 7 defense). Yikes.


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3 responses to “Who refers to Vanderbilt as “the Commies”?

  1. BenG

    To answer the question that is the topic, Kyle King at Dawg Sports does 🙂



  2. dean

    I refer to them as Vandy (sometimes Vanderbilt) because “The Commodores” are one of the classic Motown groups of all time. Not the mascot for a glorified intramural football program at Vanderbilt.


  3. “Commodes,” for me.

    And yeah. They can huff and puff about moral superiority, but the check they got off of Georgia 41, Hawai’i 10 was sweet nonetheless.