Cry me a river.

We’ve got the Celebration… they’ve got the Excuse.

… Meyer said Tebow never was the same after bruising his right (non-throwing) shoulder prior to the Georgia game this past season. He also played with a broken right hand against Michigan in the Capital One Bowl.

For the record, both were Florida losses.

“He was beat up, more so than anybody will ever know because he won’t tell you,” Meyer said. “If you watch that [Georgia] game, he didn’t play like Tim.”



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14 responses to “Cry me a river.

  1. kckd

    The dirty little not so secret is that their defense gave up 42 points to UGA and around the same to Michigan. What the hell do they expect from this guy?

    I mean, I’d understand if they lost like they did to Auburn or LSU, but freak. How can you claim your offense is the reason you lost when you give up over 80 points in two games?


  2. bham dawg

    That’s good BB material right there.


  3. Richt-Flair

    Tebow made a miraculous recovery then against Vandy and South Carolina. Whatever.


  4. Hassan

    Guess what….that’s football.

    You don’t see us whining “we would have won in 2005 if Shockley wasn’t hurt”

    (which we would have)


  5. dean

    If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we’d all have Merry Christmas.


  6. DirkDawggler

    Yeah, well their left and right tackles were healthy enough. But I guess they couldn’t block because of Tebow’s superhuman pain teleportation powers.


  7. baltimore dawg

    Funny to me how this line of reasoning leads to the conclusion that they don’t even pretend to play defense in Gainesville anymore: if Timmy had only been healthy, we simply could have outscored GA. . . .


  8. I don’t think Meyer’s making any excuses. You give up 42 points in an SEC game, you deserve to lose (and 9 times out of 10, you will.) We lost, fair and square, and had Tebow been healthy, who knows? But he was, frankly, healthy enough to win the game.

    It’s hard to overcome key fumbles by your running back every time you get back in the game.

    In my view (and many Gator fans’ view) it was a loss, fair and square, and Georgia was the better team that day. I don’t think Meyer is suggesting anything different with his commentary.


  9. HamDawg11

    Do you think Meyer’s suggesting that if Tebow was 100% healthy for the UGA game that he would’ve played LB as well?


  10. GP, I labeled this a long time ago as the “non-excuse” excuse. And he keeps bringing it up.

    By the way, that “he won’t tell you” line? Not true.


  11. CLT Dawg

    Tebow is somewhat of a p*ssy if that is the case. Herschel separated his shoulder in the 1st qtr against Notre Dame, popped it back in and still posted an MVP performance of 150 yards and a couple scores.

    (of course, we won that game. had we LOST, I am sure we would have been saying the same crap UM is saying)


  12. I’ll budge and say with a 100%-healthy Tebow, maybe Florida scores 10 more points. Maybe. And then I’ll say that without the World-Famous Penn Wagers Refereeing Experience, Georgia scores 10 more points. Also, McMillian gets tossed for the cheap shot on Stafford, and Urban gets suspended for a game for 1) continuing to walk onto the field of play and 2) continuing to put his hands on officials.


  13. And also, yeah, D.J. Shockley. I was told ad meganauseam to OMG GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!! after WLOCP ’05. Take your own advice, Gators.


  14. a redcoat

    come on… go back and re-watch that game! how many rushes did tebow have? 13? he averaged about 16 a game and meyer has even said they called about 10 a game, every game, that whole season.

    he ran 16 times against lsu, 6 times against vandy, 11 against FAU, 13 against FSU, and 16 against michigan. 2 weeks after the georgia game WITHOUT A BREAK he ran the ball 26 times against south carolina. obviously, he wasn’t limited against UGA in carries… just in yards. he was their top rusher, he ran for -15 against georgia. moreno was our top rusher… he ran for 188 (or… 203 MORE yards than tebow).

    what limited him in the UGA game? our defense.