Envy and jealousy, Evil Genius edition

Sure, it’s just another rank the SEC coaches piece (by the way, Richt comes out #1), but there’s a gem lurking in there.

Spurrier ranks third. Why not higher? Glad you asked.

… His biggest problem is that the this USC program can only go so far. I took away points for him staying there even after realizing that.




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4 responses to “Envy and jealousy, Evil Genius edition

  1. HamDawg11

    Spurrier and the ‘cocks….what a perfect match!!


  2. dean

    If only the Carolina fans would realize it. Football season would be much more subdued around these parts.


  3. CLT Dawg

    My USC neighbors kids are already telling me how they are going to destroy us in Cola this year. They are only 7 & 5, so I just look at them, laugh, and sadly shake my head. Hate to see youth wasted like that.


  4. s hobby

    I said early on that naming Bobo OC would elevate Richt as an HC. I look for further improvement this year for an already terrific Head Coach.