Tuberville disses the Buckeyes.

Not a lot of respect here:

In advocating a playoff, Tuberville pointed to Ohio State losing by a wide margin in consecutive national championship games by SEC teams.

“Ohio State would have finished fifth in our league and they’re ranked No. 1 in the preseason poll,” Tuberville said.

Of course, as you read this, keep in mind it’s uttered by a coach who had Hawai’i ranked ahead of Georgia in his final 2007 coaches’ poll ballot.



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  1. DirkDawggler

    I went back and looked at that coaches’ ballot. I forgot that Wyoming’s Joe Glenn had ranked UGA @ 10. I hope his wife looks like a camel.


  2. dean

    Given Tubbs theory the league would’ve shaped up something like this:
    1 – LSU
    2 – UT ( I know but they did “win” the east)
    3- UGA
    4 – AU
    (5) – OSU
    6 – UF
    7 – Ark.
    8 – UK
    9 – USuCk
    10 – UA
    11- MSU
    12 – Vandy
    13 – Ole Miss

    So, by that he’s saying OSU was better than Florida, Arkansas and Kentucky. OK so they were probably better than UK but still, 5th in the league sounds a little optimistic to me. Considering they would’ve had to play a little stiffer competition week in and week out.


  3. It’s always dangerous to do comparisons, but don’t forget that Florida didn’t exactly cover itself in glory against Michigan in their bowl game.

    Yeah, OSU shat the bed in the title game, but it would have been no worse than third in the SEC last year.


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  5. dean

    Dangerous? Danger is my middle name. Bad joke, I know. It’s just my opinion and I don’t expect everybody (or anybody) to agree with it.

    Wasn’t Tebow hurt in the Michigan game too? If not then Florida would have won. Right?

    We could go back and forth all day on where they would have finished but it’s just our opinions. I not trying to baddger OSU. They did what they had to do to play in back to back NC games. I’m a SEC homer and I don’t think they play the same competition on a weekly basis as SEC teams.


  6. teamyzerman

    I know that a lot of SEC fans think OSU is garbage…but look at it like this…

    If OSU played in the SEC, guess who has to travel to Columbus in November?

    Answer for the slow members of the audience: SEC teams…like Georgia…LSU…etc. Some of the players on these teams dont even what a snowflake or sub-40 degree weather feels like.

    Competition would be a lot stiffer…for the SEC and OSU.

    Apples and Oranges…

    Regardless, Tressel is not the type of coach that wont provide a smartass response…probably along the lines of..”Hey Tommy…How about a home and home over the next couple of years?”

    I would imagine that there would be a lot of crickets chirping, but no more “Tommy-Speak.”

    Auburn hasnt exactly burned up the charts with its OOC performances. Guess he forgot about that loss to 3rd place Wisconsin in Auburn’s most recent bowl game of any relevance.

    /*Rant Concluded/


  7. If OSU played in the SEC, guess who has to travel to Columbus in November?

    An argument like that cuts both ways. Trust me, a lot of OSU players have no idea what a Saturday afternoon in Gainesville in September can feel like.


  8. teamyzerman

    See that’s the difference…

    August in Columbus is pretty much on par with September in Florida. I have spent a summer in Tampa and it is not much different in Columbus..maybe a few degrees warmer on average. The humidity is still terrible in C-Bus and Florida throughout the summer. The team gets ready in SEC-like weather conditions…they just tend play in colder environments as the year progresses…


  9. How far away is Lexington from Columbus?


  10. CLTDawg

    188 miles – 3 hours or so depending on your driving habits. I used to date a girl at Ohio State and it really isn’t much different temperature wise than UK that time of year. And with all the global warming and whatnot….

    However, having been in both Columbus and in FL during the summer and at games in September, there is a pretty marked difference in humidity. The heat is about the same in the summer, but when conference play would crank up around mid – end of September, the OSU boys would be at a disadvantage since they can’t produce that type of weather year round.

    They would probably say the same about us, but I would rather play in a little colder climate as the year wound down. Beats sweatin’ balls at a game in November.


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  12. AJBlue7

    FYI…Tebow was not hurt during the Capitol One Bowl. And if Hart hadn’t fumbled the ball twice on the goal line if would’ve been an even bigger shellacking. But I digress.


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  15. not to pile on, but the Big 10 is a joke. Ohio State basically is dominating the Mountain West as far as quality opponents. Ohio State would be lucky to finish 5th in the SEC. i’m thinking 8th might be more realistic.