Georgia-South Carolina game time set.

It’s gonna be hot as hell, most likely.

Georgia’s Southeastern Conference opener with South Carolina in Columbia, S.C., will be televised by CBS. Airtime is set for 3:30 EST.

Let’s see how those 270 pound LBs do chasing Georgia’s backs and ends all day…


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4 responses to “Georgia-South Carolina game time set.

  1. dean

    Well Senator, since Columbia is hell on earth you can bet it’s going to be hot as hell. I absolutely hate going to that place, the stadium in particular. But I married a Gamecock fan and she insists on going to the UGA-USuCk game every year. So I’ll be there. But for the record this is one game I don’t mind watching on TV every other year.

    I thought I read somewhere (maybe here) that the ‘Bama game is going to be on ESPN. Is that right?

  2. dean

    Speaking of ‘Bama, your latest quote is hilarious.

  3. On the ‘Bama game, I believe that’s the educated guess, although nothing’s official yet.

  4. JG

    ESPN has officially picked up the bama game. The time of 7:45 is not official yet….