So how cool are those robot graphics?

If you want to know why the SEC would consider this

Meanwhile, Fox is preparing to throw a boatload of money at the league in an attempt to wrest the SEC’s prime football games away from CBS. The SEC has never been shy about playing two networks against each other in order to up the ante…

it’s real easy. Because it can.

Check out the historical record.

[SEC] yearly money distributions, since 1980, are as follows: 1980 ($ 4. 1 million ); 1981 ($ 5. 57 million ); 1982 ($ 7. 24 million ); 1983 ($ 9. 53 million ); 1984 ($ 18. 4 million ); 1985 ($ 9. 34 million ); 1986 ($ 13. 1 million ); 1987 ($ 13. 56 million ); 1988 ($ 14. 34 million ); 1989 ($ 13. 85 million ); 1990 ($ 16. 3 million ); 1991 ($ 20. 6 million ); 1992 ($ 27. 7 million ); 1993 ($ 34. 34 million ); 1994 ($ 34. 36 million ); 1995 ($ 40. 3 million ); 1996 ($ 45. 5 million ); 1997 ($ 58. 9 million ); 1998 ($ 61. 2 million ); 1999 ($ 68. 5 million ); 2000 ($ 73. 2 million ); 2001 ($ 78. 1 million ); 2002 ($ 95. 7 million ); 2003 ($ 101. 9 million ); 2004 ($ 108. 8 million ); 2005 ($ 110. 7 million ); 2006 ($ 116. 1 million ); 2007 ($ 122. 0 million ) and 2008 ($ 127. 2 million ).

You read that right – that sucker doubled in the last ten years. Wait’ll you see the next set of TV contracts.  And Fox or CBS, one thing is pretty likely.  We’re gonna see the games slow down with more commercial time.


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10 responses to “So how cool are those robot graphics?

  1. dean

    NO PLEASE, NO!! If there is a football God he will not allow Fox to get SEC football. I would rather have more commercials on CBS than no commercials on Fox.


  2. DirkDawggler

    How many times did Thom Brennaman refer to us as the Gators? How many times did he call Knowshon, “Omar” (or Rita)? I will never forgive Fox Sports for sending a baseball man to call play-by-play for something as important as the Sugar Bowl.

    You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.


  3. BenG

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


  4. Joe


    Oh dear god no…..I was at the sugar bowl and everytime I saw that TV timeout guy with the orange gloves I wanted to pull my hair out!!


    I GOT HOME…and watched the replay…..THOSE GUYS SUCKED!

    Why do you wait all year and on the biggest stage to throw two guys in there that havent called a game all year!! FOX YOU SUCK!! I HATE YOU!! LOL

    Plus….Im really starting to like Vern Lunquist!


  5. Bobby

    Ugh, please not Fox.

    And the games will get longer, and they will change the rules of the game so the games will be shorter, so they can put in more commercials, which will make the games longer and then…repeat…


  6. On another negative note…”Jumper” is the 5th-highest grossing movie this year.

    I know. What?


  7. Richt-Flair

    Brennaman is awful at baseball commentary too. he got the inning wrong on at least three occasions the last Braves game he did.


  8. Thom was bru-hu-hu-hutal in the 2001 NLCS. The esteemed logicians at FOX, as keen then as they are now, thought it would be appropriate to put Brennaman (then the Arizona Diamondbacks’ PBP guy) in the PBP spot for a series between the Braves and…natch…the Diamondbacks. That Braves team wasn’t particularly good, but Thom spent a good deal of energy just dissing the roster up and down, saying Atlanta was playing “like a little league team,” etc. It was as bush-league as national broadcasting can get.

    FOX also had Thom do some ACC basketball on FSN for a while. Terrible there, too. Once- and I’m not kidding- referred to Asian-American athletes as “yellow.”

    So yeah, there’s never been a point in Thom Brennaman’s big-time career in which he hasn’t been a little s$&%. And for the record, his father isn’t that great, either…and certainly not deserving of a legacy hire for his lazy, hacky son. Yeah, I said it.


  9. Oh, and FOX had Brennaman doing the Reds/Braves game this weekend. Brennaman is now the Reds PBP guy. Can’t make this stuff up.

    Much like how they “justified” the (clearly anti-UGA) Thom selection for the Sugar Bowl by including a doddering Frank Tarkenton in the pre-game show, FOX had former Atlanta pitching coach Leo Mazzone bore us to death as the color guy. See? It’s fair, now!

    These people have no friggin clue how to do sports. How, I don’t know…it’s not that hard. Look at CBS’ hoops coverage. One camera for most of the action. Only a few other angles for replays. Fluid, quiet graphics. Competent (comparatively speaking) announcers. Spare me the BS, FOX.


  10. TripleR

    Fox blows the big one. I agree with Dean completely.