Flame On!

GatorPilot over at Orange and Blue Hue unloads the first round of Georgia-Florida summer smack:

… Georgia should be more favorably listed in that elite group, but without a doubt Florida should field the better team this year. Don’t forget Georgia lost to South Carolina and Tennessee last year — both teams which Florida absolutely demolished. They also came within a whisker of losing to a mediocre Alabama team, beat Vandy by a last second field goal (20-17), avoided the best team in the SEC (LSU) and got a patsy in their bowl game, a team any SEC squad would have pounded. It’s also worth pointing out that they “edged” Troy 44-34, the same team Florida hung 59 points on.

I can hear the UGA fans now. “42-30, suckers!”

Well, yeah, there is that.

But I was thinking about Auburn first. You know, as in “Don’t forget [Florida] lost to [Auburn] last year — [a team] which [Georgia] absolutely demolished.”

Look, I believe it’s gonna be a war between these two. It’s just that I have a hard time conceding that the team which returns arguably what was the worse pass defense in the conference last year (a defense that didn’t face the best offense in the conference, by the way) is “without a doubt” superior this year.

OK, I take back the word “arguably”.


UPDATE: Paul’s got some great bulletin board material here.



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5 responses to “Flame On!

  1. That dawg will bite you

    Whats really sad is that they faced one of the best offenses in the country every day in practice and were still terrible. You would think they could have figured something out along the way.

    Like most gator fans, this dingus obviously has a problem with time frames. Apparently there is a difference between pre and post 1990, but not between the dawgs first and second halves of the season. Give me a break. I would have liked to see how that bowl game patsy whould have fared against the gator secondary and those fancy cinder block nike’s they sported in the citrus bowl.

    Given their continued defensive woos in the spring, and the expectations of counting on three true freshman to shore up that sorry unit are enough reasons in my mind to discount the gators.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. 42 – 30 Suckers!


  2. 81Dog

    Hmmm. Florida got housed by a team of slow footed Big Ten boys who got beat AT HOME by App State.

    Now, I’m not saying we go undefeated, unscored on, and plow through Jacksonville like Hurricane Katrina hammered New Orleans (although Florida’s D seems to have been designed by the same crew that engineered the levee system in NOLA).

    I am, however, saying this: Florida’s done taking our lunch money at will. It will probably be more evident to them in hindsight, but the last 4 years, they’re 2-2 with us. Sure, they’re good, but we arent exactly an Ivy League JV. And, most importantly, our guys arent scared of them any more. They may not like. They may try to deny it. But, down deep, in their hearts, Gator fans know. And it scares them, especially the ones who know history didnt start in 1990, and who fear a return to the way things were for the 25 years prior to Spurrier.


  3. a redcoat

    man i forgot that massaquoi pretty much just ran in a straight line on that play. stafford’s pass was perfectly placed and that was an incredible play, made possible by the florida defense.


  4. Worst Gators defense I can remember. AAARRRGHH!


  5. Now that’s more like it. 😉