Dribs and drabs, bits and pieces

Here’s what a little ‘Net surfing turned up this morning:

  • Pete Fiutak tosses out a challenge that any reader here could answer, when he says about Wisconsin’s ’08 schedule: It’s really not as bad as you think, and it’s certainly not the Kansas slate of last year. You’re right that Akron, Marshall, and closing out with Cal Poly, is a joke, but it’s comparable to what most BCS teams have, while there’s a sneaky-tough trip to Fresno State. Give me the BCS team, other than UCLA going to BYU that has as tough a non-BCS road trip as this one.”
  • ‘Da spread, ‘da spread. What’s the over/under on when this whole “it’s changing college football as we know it forevah” meme jumps the shark?
  • Speaking of the spread, meet Dan LeFevour, quarterback of Georgia’s second week opponent this season.
  • And, speaking of Georgia, here’s a little cold water dousing on the Dawgs’ title hopes this season.  (h/t Dawgbone)
  • When it comes to college conferences, the Orlando Sentinel’s Tim Stephens thinks Terry Holland may be on to something when he says bigger is better.


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5 responses to “Dribs and drabs, bits and pieces

  1. Maybe I’m a bit slow today but I can’t think of a team off my head that has any non-BCS road games. Typically non-BCS teams come to you.


  2. Well, there are a few I can think of off the top of my head: Texas goes to UTEP, East Carolina hosts Va. Tech and WVU to start the season and Oregon State goes to Utah.

    My point is that Fresno State isn’t that big a deal. Pundits love to point to that program as being tough, but if you look at its schedule, Fresno lost to every ranked team it played last year.

    In other words, Fiutak’s point is pretty weak beer.


  3. Mike

    Fiutak is a retard. Better to ignore his “points” than to try and make sense of them.


  4. JasonC

    The guy that you linked to in the 4th bullet-point said, “The odds of a 14-0 Georgia Bulldog team being crowned national champions on January 8th, 2009 are under 1%.”
    Actually, I think that should read: “The odds of a 14-0 Georgia Bulldog team being crowned national champions on January 8th, 2009 are 100%.” The way the statement begins means that Georgia would go 14-0. If that is the case, then they absolutely would have an outright claim at the national championship.
    I think what he meant was: The odds of a 14-0 Georgia Bulldog team are under 1%.
    Nonetheless, it’s all a bunch of numbers at this point.


  5. SSB Charley

    Although not a true road game, Illinois is playing Western Michigan in Detroit at Ford Field. In the past few years, Ball State has hosted Mizzou, Boston College and Indiana. I believe that the Big Ten and the MAC have a deal where the Big Ten has to send its teams to MAC venues in return for two home games from the MAC team.