More preseason “Best of SEC” stuff

The Birmingham News polled the SEC SIDs to get their thoughts on the top players in the conference, ranked not so much by position, but by attributes. You can see their list here. It’s good to see Southerland and Ellerbe get some props; McKinley getting the nod for best receiver over Harvin was a bit of a surprise, if just from a media hype standpoint.


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  1. dean

    I think they have Harvin right as the most versatile. I don’t think of him as a receiver. To me he’s a running back who lines up in the slot or out wide. However I am a little surprised at McKinley getting the nod but I can’t really think of another standout receiver that’s back this year.
    What made me look twice was the best punter and place kicker. Ryan Shoemaker over Britton Colquitt was a little surprising to me as was Colt David over Ryan Succop. I guess they’re figuring Colquitt can’t stay sober through the season and the choke job Succop had against UT last year probably cost him.

    It was also nice to see Geno on the list.