Necessary evil

Taking you back to one of my all time favorite observations about college recruiting, here’s something Tommy Perkins once said about Miami recruiting:

Miami: From a Bulldog perspective, if you looked at the state of Florida as though it were Afghanistan (and I do), the Gators, obviously, are the Taliban, while Miami is whatever warlord is running things in the Northeast. The Hurricanes don’t occupy anything remotely resembling moral high ground, but they are useful. As with Alabama, a healthy Miami helps Georgia; in Da U’s case, it’s because the ‘Canes recruit against the Gators in the Sunshine State’s hottest hotbeads for high school talent, although they don’t play the Gators that often.

Along those lines, it sounds like the natives are getting a little restless:

‘Last year was real hard. Coach Shannon has done a nice job,” said Meyer, who plucked seven Broward/Palm Beach players — but none from Dade — in the past three years, after UF grabbed 11 from Dade from 2002-05. “We’ll always be real aggressive here because there are more NFL players from this area than any in the country. It has just made it a little more difficult.”

Too bad our side can’t ship in aid.


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11 responses to “Necessary evil

  1. DirkDawggler

    The ‘Canes are ascending quickly, and that does not bode well for UF. I wonder if, during the coaches trip to the Mid East, some sort of alliance between Shannon and Richt was struck? Sort of like the good old days of, you know, Roosevelt and Churchill plotting against an Axis of Evil…


  2. Luv4gators

    Senator, love the site (you know, as much as a Gator can love a site like this), but I must disagree with this being a positive for Dawgnation.

    If the Urban Legend (or myth if you prefer) feels he cannot find his five star talent in So. Fla, he will find it elsewhere. You know…like in Georgia, where players like Omar Hunter come to mind, for example. (Yes, I know he wasn’t, er, going to the dawgs, but you get the idea.) I’d say you are better off with Meyer going south for his talent instead of your backyard.


  3. HVLDawg

    shooo lizzard, this page is only for real men and good looking babes.

    Oh, and how do you feel being Omar’s second choice?


  4. TheUnknownStuntman

    When will the “a strong Alabama is good for Georgia” myth ever die? The ceiling on Alabama is higher than that for any program in the SEC outside of Florida. No team in the SEC can touch them historically, and just look at Oklahoma’s quick return to prominence if you don’t think that Bama can achieve that status again. A strong Alabama wins national championships. Trust me, Georgia does not want a strong Alabama.


  5. DirkDawggler


    Your “ceiling” statement has me laughing on my floor.

    What ‘Bama did back in the day of the Bear has absolutely no bearing on the here and now.


  6. JasonC

    To the gator fan:
    While Meyer may try to come up into Georgia for recruits, I think we still have the upper hand in state. So while we don’t want him to look here, I think that’s a battle we are willing to fight as long as the Miami pipeline is shut down too.

    RE: Bama
    I think the point is that Auburn has historically done a better job of raiding Georgia, especially south GA, than Bama. However, if Bama starts winning the war for recruits in Alabama, you can expect Auburn to look east.


  7. A strong Miami (and FSU) do help UGA. As talented as that state is, history has proven that it can only sustain 2 programs. Alabama being good is healthy for the Dawgs for many reasons. They’re ceiling is not higher than UGA’s. Because of the recruiting hotbeds of Atlanta, Louisiana and Florida, it’s clear who has the highest ceilings in the SEC.

    However, a healthy Bama takes recruits away from Auburn and Tennessee. Moreover, Bama is on UT’s schedule every year and only on our’s 2 out of every 6 years.

    And, yeah, Gator, I’m real worried about y’all coming in here and stealing players out of backyard. By the way, where’s that QB out of Tampa heading? Sorry, I forgot.

    Elite teams are always going to cherry-pick other states, but as long as CMR is in Clarke County, there will be no wholesale movement of Peach State talent leaving to wear anything but silver britches.


  8. dean

    All gators fans should thank Dewayne Allen for Omar Hunter. If DA hadn’t waited ’till the last minute (literally) to break it off in us Omar Hunter would be a DAWG. But I digress.. What was this post about anyway? Oh yea, I would much rather the 5-star recruits in Florida go to Miami (of FSU) than UF, if they’re not coming to Athens that is.


  9. South Florida and Central Florida are also picking up some players that could contribute at UF, FSU, Miami. Perhaps Schnellenberger’s FAU will also snare one or two guys each year. All that helps to some degree.


  10. TheUnknownStuntman

    Dirk, you do realize that Bama won a national championship and went 31 games without a loss over a decade after the Bear was 6 feet under ground, don’t you? Stallings was the only remotely competent coach that they’ve had since the Bear and he managed the same number of national titles in his 7 years as Dooley managed in his 25.

    Shula, Franchione, and DuBose all managed to win 10 games there and DuBose won the league.

    When dipsticks like those guys fall into 10 win seasons and when a washed-up NFL guy like Stallings can win a national title along with posting two other one loss seasons, then you have to admit that the program is capable of some very big things.