There’s always something.

Today’s junk from the world of college football:

  • Closer, closer. It looks like Phase I of the sabanization of the ‘Bama program is accomplished. All that’s left to do is lop off five current players to get down to 85 total on the roster.
  • Henry’s not bitter. Nope. Not one bit.
  • SEC teams: beware the West Coast trip.
  • Matt Hayes writes the Book of Tebow. Meatball subs, mmmm.
  • More enthusiasm from the Dawgnation here.
  • Tater Tot drops the atom bomb on the playoffs/BCS debate: JoePa. “In my mind, his comments about the need for a playoff render every contrary argument meaningless.” Word is that Jim Delany surrendered last night.


UPDATE: Speaking of Paterno, goes all Generalissimo Francisco Franco on him.

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