“I bet you in the next 10 years there’s not an undefeated team in our conference.’’

Over at MrSEC.com, Jimmy Hyams interviews eight SEC coaches about their feelings regarding a D-1 football playoff.  The consensus seems to be that they wouldn’t have a problem with a plus-one format, but a larger field than four would be problemmatic.

Here’s what Richt had to say.

… Richt, who didn’t seem to favor any type playoff before last season, sounded like a coach who didn’t want to disagree with his president. He said he didn’t think a playoff would hurt the regular season as long it was limited to no more than eight teams.

“If you go 16 teams, you definitely hurt the regular season,’’ Richt said. “An eight-team playoff could possible devalue the regular season, maybe. I don’t think a Plus One would change anything at all. We’d continue to have a great regular season.’’

Richt said an eight-team playoff would “drastically change’’ the current postseason arrangement.

“I think a Plus One could be accomplished without an awful lot of change,’’ Richt said. “I think it’s more realistic.’’

The true shocker in the article is that Tuberville admits that USC might have beaten his squad in 2004.

`Did we get shafted in 2004?’’ he said. “Sure we did. I’m not sure we could have beaten USC, but I think we could have because we had played them two years prior and had a better team (in 2004) and they didn’t have quite as good a team…

On the Plains, them’s fightin’ words, Tommy.


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  1. Hobnail_Boot

    I’ll say this for Wingnut: he tells it like he sees it, for better or worse.

    If the Auburn team that played us in ’04 got invited to Miami, I’d have liked their chances.