I can’t figure Matt Hayes out.

He ranks the OOC schedules for the SEC and ACC.  I assumed jumping in that he would list Georgia’s as the toughest in the SEC.

Wrong, bacon breath. The Dawgs show up at #3, behind Florida and Tennessee.

Just as a reminder, here’s what he’s comparing:

1. Florida: Hawaii, Miami, Citadel, at Florida State
2. Tennessee: at UCLA, UAB, Northern Illinois, Wyoming
3. Georgia: Georgia Southern, Central Michigan, at Arizona State, Georgia Tech

I’m hard pressed to see the rationale to that.  It’s even more puzzling when you see a couple of his comments.

Imagine if this season were earlier this decade, and look at Florida’s schedule. Even with FSU and Miami’s decline — and Hawaii’s natural regression this fall — the Gators still have the league’s toughest noncon schedule.

But, dude, it’s not earlier this decade.  Miami didn’t even go bowling last season.  And if those are such tough games, why didn’t any of them make this list of yours?

Top five games: Georgia at Arizona State; Auburn at West Virginia; Alabama vs. Clemson (in Atlanta); Tennessee at UCLA; Arkansas at Texas.

The topper comes with a comment of his in the ACC section.  FSU, Clemmins and Georgia Tech get marked down in part because their toughest OOC games are against in state rivals that they have to play.  Um, Matt, you wanna go back and look at Florida’s, Tennessee’s and Georgia’s toughest OOC games again, buddy?


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10 responses to “I can’t figure Matt Hayes out.

  1. Richt-Flair

    3 teams on Georgia’s schedule made bowls, the fourth the playoffs in the subdivision. FSU had a worse record than all 3 I-A teams on Georgia’s schedule, Miami didn’t even make a bowl, etc.etc. Matty boy’s not doing his homework.


  2. dean

    Matt’s talking out of his a$$. I should know. I’m an expert at it.


  3. Mr. Wonderful

    We may have to concede something to the NERDS of the ACC whenout of conference schedules talk begins. The ACC has it tougher.

    UGA has to play GT
    UF has to play FSU
    USC has to play Clemson

    GT has to play UGA
    FSU has to play UF
    Clemson has to play Darth Visor

    When you look at it from the ACC point of view, it is much tougher, no?

    As far as being better earlier in the decade, not me I just hitting my prime!!

    Have a blessed day.


  4. HamDawg11

    Richt-Flair…that name still just cracks me up, classic!


  5. JasonC

    Florida’s schedule is debatable, but there is no way the Vols have a tougher slate.


  6. Sam

    While UGA has the toughest total schedule of all SEC teams, I don’t disagree that UF has a tougher OOC slate. FSU, Miami, and Hawaii trump GT, ASU and CMU. Now the TN non conference games aren’t in either UGA’s, or UF’s league this year. To even think so is humorous and undermines Hayes’ credibility.


  7. Thomas Brown

    There is no such schedule as Out of Conference Games.

    There is a Schedule.

    You judge the schedule.

    You do not, as every non-SEC conference wishes it could break down a season for analysis and, leave part of the schedule not discussed.

    The Top-Ranked ACC team 2007-2008 ? Virginia Tech at Number 9.

    The Top-Ranked SEC teams 2007-2008 are Number 1 LSU and Number 2 UGA.

    Next ACC team ? Boston College at Number 10.

    Then, come SEC at Number 12 vols, Number 13 crocodiles and Number 15 Auburn.

    That’s 5 of the Top 15 SEC, while the ACC has only 2 of the Top 20.

    Let’s see now. If you are UGA, and you play Number 1 LSU, you are Number 2 yourself UGA, then you play Number 12 vols, then Number 13 Florida, then Number 15 Auburn, and play Number 16 Arizona State, then they say you are going to play Number 1 LSU in the SEC Championship Game, then go to a BCS Bowl Game and play someone such as Number 5 Ohio State – how, can Matt Hayes try to break this Schedule down so as to water it down and make it sound like the ACC plays tougher schedules than The SEC ?

    By playing his game and discussing part of the Schedule as if it is the schedule you are then discussing.

    When the season was over for 2007-2008, here is what the Strength of Schedules actually were :

    9 of the Top 23 Toughest Schedules in the nation, were SEC teams’ schedules.

    There is 1 ACC team.

    9 SEC.

    1 ACC.

    Hmm. How can I discuss the fact that 9 SEC Teams were in the Top 23 Toughest Schedules in America, while the ACC had only 1.


  8. FSU, Miami, and Hawaii trump GT, ASU and CMU.

    Seriously, Sam, based on what criteria?


  9. Thomas Brown

    That’s not the question.

    The question is how can we discuss but part of the Schedule, in fact.

    Florida isn’t playing Auburn.

    Florida isn’t playing Alabama.

    Instead, Florida is playing Ole Miss and Arkansas.

    UGA has the tougher Schedule period.

    And, South Carolina is maybe going to be better than the vols without a QB this season.

    The vols don’t play LSU, who are just the Defending National Champions and most consistent program in the SEC right now.

    UGA has the more difficult Schedule than the vols too, as we always do every year.


  10. And, South Carolina is maybe going to be better than the vols without a QB this season.

    Last time I looked, the Gamecocks weren’t exactly rocking at QB themselves.