“I’m mad at y’all; he’s not.”

Remember this moment of unpleasantness at the Georgia-Oklahoma State game?

It’s odd for the parents of an opponent’s star player (Bowman is Oklahoma State’s All-Big 12 wide receiver) to be so welcomed in an SEC stadium, but college recruiting makes strange bedfellows. Georgia invited the Bowman’s because they are recruiting their son, and Adarius’ younger brother, Michael to play football in Athens, Tara Bowman said.

Michael Bowman plays at Ridgeland in Rossville, a suburb of Chattanooga, Tenn., where Adarius played his high school football.

However, things went sour early when Tara and Terrance Bowman showed up decked out from head to toe in Oklahoma State orange-and-black. That didn’t sit well with the Bulldogs’ recruiting officials, Tara Bowman said.

“What should they expect?” she asked. “Our son’s out there.”

The Bowmans were asked to change their shirts or leave and chose to leave, Tara Bowman said…

There was lots of anguish on message boards and blogs about it, too. So the upshot? Where does Mr. Bowman want to go to school and play ball?

You guessed it.

Sometimes we fans fret too much about this stuff.


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3 responses to ““I’m mad at y’all; he’s not.”

  1. From the looks of this video, I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing him running some routes in the red and black!


  2. Coastal Dwag

    Well said, Eric.

    So why doesn’t this kid have an offer? Anyone?


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    The rumor is academics.