Nothing about baseball here.

Rollin’ and tumblin’ around the college football blogosphere this morning, there’s this:

  • The Birmingham News looks at the twenty biggest rivalries (using the term broadly) in SEC athletic history. Georgia makes #2 and #5.
  • More financial “woe is us” athletic department stories here and here.
  • Loser With Socks has the fark of the day.
  • The Quad brings us its preseason analysis of #75 Kentucky, for which it sees a 6-6 season being most likely for the ‘Cats. The “this can’t be good” moment comes with this observation: Unlike last year, the Wildcat’s strength may be defense…

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  1. TheUnknownStuntman

    Yoculan v. whoever coaches the Bama girls also makes the rivalry list, along with Butts and Bear v. the Sat. Evening Post.