Hell, yes, I cheated.

The Birmingham News ranks the SEC athletic programs on an all-time basis in this article (h/t The Wizard of Odds), which contains one helluva quote from former Florida (and Clemmins) head coach Charlie Pell:

“Did I violate some rules? Yes,” Pell told the NBC news program “Dateline” in 1995. “Does that make me a cheater? If it does, yes I am. There wasn’t room for anything but winning. Nothing. Winning was the sole obsession, to a fault.”

The question left unanswered by that quote is whether his reputation proceeded him when Florida gave him the head coaching job.

(By the way, if you’re interested, here’s how the program rankings were determined.)

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  1. NM

    Interesting idea. Ordinarily I’d be pretty pleased with a #2 ranking… if only the Jorts weren’t #1!