Turning of the Tide?

Over at MrSEC.com, John Pennington makes a point about SEC recruiting that isn’t exactly earthshattering to most of us, but is of interest.

… The top five teams in recruiting from 2003 to 2007 just happened to be the only five teams in the SEC last year to post winning conference records.

Divide the conference into fourths and the recruiting rankings become even more telling.

Teams one through four in recruiting (Florida, Georgia, LSU and Tennessee) combined to post a 24-10 record in conference play. That’s a winning percentage of .705.

The teams ranked five through eight in recruiting (Auburn, South Carolina, Alabama and Arkansas) combined to finish 16-16 in conference play. That’s a .500 winning percentage.

And the teams that ranked nine through 12 in recruiting (Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Kentucky and Vanderbilt) finished 9-25 in league play. That’s a winning percentage of only .264.

The top four in recruiting won 75% of their games, the middle four in recruiting won 50% of their games and the bottom four in recruiting won just 25% of their games.

Again, finishing third or fourth in Rivals’ or Scout’s rankings in a given year isn’t nearly as important as finishing in the top ten consistently.

Based on that, it will be interesting to watch Alabama and Tennessee this year, as the former under Saban has moved into the top four in recruiting in the conference and the latter has dropped out of the top four.

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  1. Technically, he divided the conference into thirds. But what do you expect from a UT fan when it comes to math.