He didn’t mention calculus!

Once again, I give Paul Johnson kudos for honesty.

Q: Some Tech fans like to suggest that Tech and Georgia recruit different players in the state? True or false?

A: Not really. Maybe at some positions. We didn’t recruit either of the quarterbacks they recruited; they didn’t recruit ours. Well, that’s not true. They’re recruiting a couple of the same guys but for different positions. Some of the line guys [who have committed to Tech] they recruited, and we recruited [some of the line guys who have committed to Georgia].

A lot of it comes into evaluation; beauty comes in the eye of the beholder. We’re recruiting for what our needs, and they’re recruiting for their needs, but certainly there is some crossover.

No mention of academics there, just system related stuff.  Good for him.

Of course, whether the Tech fan base agrees with his assessment is a totally different question.



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3 responses to “He didn’t mention calculus!

  1. NCT

    “Of course, whether the Tech fan base agrees with his assessment is a totally different question.”

    Don’t hold your breath. They will tell you the academics facet of recruiting is simply understood.


  2. Sorry to post off-topic, Senator, but I thought you’d appreciate seeing what your boy Pickens is up to:



  3. “The idea that water can be sold for private gain is still considered unconscionable by many,” says James M. Olson, one of America’s preeminent attorneys specializing in water- and land-use law. “But the scarcity of water and the extraordinary profits that can be made may overwhelm ordinary public sensibilities.”

    Next on the drawing board for Pickens: charging people for the air they breathe.