That is all.

By the way, the AP can go screw itself.


UPDATE: This is rich.



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3 responses to “That is all.

  1. peacedog

    This is going to end badly for the AP.


  2. Easy answer for me is to simply ignore their articles when linking.

    I actually agree with them that an 80 word cut and paste is inappropriate.

    But if I’m linking to them and sending hundreds or thousands of readers to their content in exchange for 25 words of content pasted on my site, then that’s a good deal for them.

    The bigger thing here…watch for using AP images. That’s next. I pulled one off my site today. Getty is pretty tough about using their images too.


  3. To expect payment for use of as little as five words is beyond ridiculous. “Fair Use”, my ass.

    I’m going to steer as wide a berth of AP as I can as a result of this heavy handedness.

    Good point on the images, Paul. I don’t use them too much, but it’s wise to be careful.