The morning buffet

Feel free to pick and choose from these tempting morsels:

  • This is one of those concepts that when you read about it, you wonder why it took somebody so long to think of it. And does anyone besides me find it a little weird to learn that Gordon Gee sat on the board of Limited Brands? (h/t The Wizard of Odds)
  • Looking for travel tips for the Georgia-Arizona State game? Paul Westerdawg is on the mother.
  • Raise your hand if you’re surprised about this.
  • The Orlando Sentinel’s Tim Stephens has some follow up thoughts on his provocative conference realignment piece from last week.
  • Sometimes there are moments when you wish that another school was one of your school’s biggest rivals. This is one of those moments for me.
  • I thought about posting on this when I saw it last week – I mean, Paul Finebaum citing a blogger with approval is strange enough to be comment worthy – but I’m glad I didn’t. I can honestly and humbly say that anything I would have written would have paled in comparison to this post at The Joe Cribbs Car Wash. As Finebaum slaggings go, it’s a tour de force.
  • The Tulsa World takes another look at whither a D-1 football playoff. Money quote (literally) from Bob Stoops: “When ratings start falling and no one’s coming to games and TV isn’t interested any more, then you’ll start having some real reasons (to institute playoff).”
  • Oh, and for you playoff advocates that like to talk about “settling it on the field”, check out how the NCAA fills out the brackets for the regionals in the baseball playoffs:

The College World Series is under way, and one of the most surprising stories is that Fresno State is there. That’s not to denigrate the Bulldogs in any way. Instead, it’s a surprise they’re in Omaha because they were a No. 4 seed in a regional in the first round. There are, of course, just four teams in each regional field in the first round, which means the Bulldogs weren’t even supposed to get out of their regional, much less win a Super Regional over Arizona State – which was seeded No. 3 nationally. But that’s where it gets weird. The idea that Fresno State was a No. 4 seed in the first round is beyond ludicrous. Blame it on the NCAA. While the NCAA seeds the complete men’s and women’s basketball field from 1-64/65 and while it seeds the 64-team softball field 1-16, it seeds only the top eight in baseball. In an attempt to save money, geography plays a huge role in deciding the No. 3 and 4 seeds in the first round. That’s how you had a Fresno State team with an RPI in the 90s seeded as a No. 4 along with Mount St. Mary’s (260s), Stony Brook (150s), Texas Southern (290s) and Bucknell (190s).


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