It’s getting to the point where you can’t afford to beat another school’s brains out.

Ah, those expensive cupcakes.

In Columbia, they’re doing their best to hold down the costs.

… A $750,000 guarantee that USC will pay UAB for its Sept. 27 football game with the Gamecocks, more than three times what USC will pay Wofford.

But Hyman said the UAB guarantee is a bargain compared to what some non-BCS schools are demanding as bigger programs look to fill their 12-game schedules. ECU, the Gamecocks’ original Sept. 27 opponent before encountering a scheduling conflict, will give USC a $250,000 subsidy toward the UAB payout.

“This is much cheaper than the marketplace,” Hyman told board members. “That’s one of the reasons why we went to I-AA schools because the cost to play schools like UAB has just skyrocketed because they know they have leverage.”

Before you dismiss this as no big deal because of how much revenue a home game generates, keep in mind that South Carolina’s athletic department expects to net $500,000.00 from its entire operations in the next year.  So, yeah, pinching these pennies (and being pinched by the likes of UAB) is a big deal.




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2 responses to “It’s getting to the point where you can’t afford to beat another school’s brains out.

  1. What does UAB look to net next year? What was the average net of athletics programs last year? I have the feeling USC is better off than most.


  2. Ally

    Sucks to be a lamecock. What else is new?

    Oh, and sympathies to their athletic director. Getting saddled with the name Hyman must’ve been beyond brutal on the playground. All the more surprising and amusing he chose to become a lamecock…