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An “it’s just bidness” roundup

  • Sylvester Croom gets a 74% raise… and sees his new salary surpass exactly one of his SEC peers.  These guys don’t come cheap.
  • How often have you seen Oscar Wilde and the BCS mentioned in the same breath?  That’s what I thought.
  • Hello, McFly?  In the face of god-awful ratings, Notre Dame gets a five year extension from NBC – with the rights fees not tied to ratings – and you’re bitching about the commercial time the network has to sell to make money?  Firm grasp of reality there, sporto…


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ESPN’s got some Georgia faces.

Ivan Maisel lists four players and four coaches as… well, let him say it.

Four players and four coaches have defied the ravages of time. Six of them remain relevant long after they left the game. The other two, who have won more games than any other coaches in the history of major college football, remain active long after their peers left the game. Meet the faces of college football.

One of those players is Herschel Walker, of whom Maisel writes “Herschel Walker made college football safe for freshmen.

And Mark Schlabach lists Knowshon Moreno as one of his four faces to watch in 2008.

For once, I may enjoy an ESPN narrative.  We’ll see if it holds up this year.

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