An “it’s just bidness” roundup

  • Sylvester Croom gets a 74% raise… and sees his new salary surpass exactly one of his SEC peers.  These guys don’t come cheap.
  • How often have you seen Oscar Wilde and the BCS mentioned in the same breath?  That’s what I thought.
  • Hello, McFly?  In the face of god-awful ratings, Notre Dame gets a five year extension from NBC – with the rights fees not tied to ratings – and you’re bitching about the commercial time the network has to sell to make money?  Firm grasp of reality there, sporto…


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10 responses to “An “it’s just bidness” roundup

  1. NCT

    Re the Coaches Hot Seat piece and its “bold” infatuation with dollar figures:

    This really isn’t in furtherance of that discussion, but I couldn’t resist once it came to mind: A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.


  2. NM

    I tire of CoachesHotSeat’s incessant assumption-based playoff lobbying. Stick to scanning coaches’ contracts, guys…

    Lines like this make it hard to take them seriously: “How does a team (LSU) that lost to Kentucky and Arkansas even get into a National Title game? Answer: Only in the bizarro world of the BCS”

    Well, when any alternative would have lost to Stanford, or South Carolina, or Pittsburgh, or Colorado, it’s not like that’s a real complaint. Not to mention that in a 16-team playoff, it’s entirely possible (quite likely, even!) that LSU (or USC or UGA or WVU or OU) would’ve made it to the finals anyway.

    What a load of crap.


  3. shane

    How about this? Notre Dame has not won a BCS bowl in ten years, went three and nine last year, and still has it’s own TV contract. What is wrong with that picture? The amount of Notre Dame butt kissers in the national media, that’s what. When you take into consideration the amount of illegal recruiting Tom Lemming does for Them, thank God Notre Dame’s recruits are always overated! Can You imagine Nick Saban still being at Bama after posting a three- nine record in His third Year? Can You imagine Urban Meyer or Mark Richt keeping Their jobs after a three- nine season? Notre Dame has been on the down slope for years and TV dollars are keeping Them afloat now. They may be the worst football team in Division One, even though They squeaked one out with Duke!


  4. Thomas Brown

    What ?

    You don’t follow, and don’t know anything about Baseball either to post Bluto ?


  5. I haven’t posted about men’s tennis or equestrian, either, Thomas. This is a football blog. What’s your point?

    By the way, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fine jobs Georgia Sports Blog and Dawg Sports are doing with their attention to the CWS. You’ll find links to both blogs to the right, if you’re interested.


  6. Thomas Brown

    I find it rather amazing that here we are playing in our 2nd National Championship in this nation’s pasttime in 18 years, and there is not 1 word about the Diamond Dawgs in here. That’s the point.


  7. I could say I’m amazed at your amazement, Thomas, but, instead, I’ll just direct you here and here for your baseball fix.


  8. dean

    What part of “This is a football blog” don’t you understand TB?


  9. Thomas Brown

    Look folks, tell it to Coach Mark Richt. You know the FOOTBALL COACH at UGA. He was at the FOOTBALL GAME last night; no; wait, that was the National Championship Baseball College World Series Game that Coach Richt, our FOOTBALL COACH, was at.

    Twice he was shown on NATIONAL TV. There you want a FOOTBALL BLOG report to discuss instead of the drivel that passes for a subject of football blog in here Bluto (and your sidekick.)

    Try discussing the damn baseball team, with our FOOTBALL COACH RICHT at the game shown when we came from behind and WON the game, and shown afterwards in the interview of Gordon Beckham and Joshua Fields.

    Georgia Bulldogs greatest baseball players have been FOOTBALL PLAYERS at UGA.

    Don’t give me this lame excuse again.


  10. Or what, pray tell?

    Besides, I gave you a baseball post. I’ve used up my quota for the year. 😉