Oh. My. Gawd.

Please don’t read this Mike Bianchi column on a full stomach.

How did they ever lose four games last year?


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14 responses to “Oh. My. Gawd.

  1. UgaMatt

    Words can’t express how much I hate this guy. He is the ultimate sleazeball liar with a career in politics ahead of him.


  2. Unfrozen Caveman Dawg

    Words cannot express the foulness of that article


  3. the man

    HOW does someone make Steve Spurrier look like a magnanimous Saint? Urbs and Tebow lost their 4 biggest games of the year. The jury is still out on this guy as far as I’m concerned.


  4. Joe

    Pete Carrol called, he wants his schtick back…


  5. NM

    I got halfway through the first page before I reflexively closed the tab and got up to wash my hands. Anyone who made it farther has my congratulations.

    Senator, I should’ve taken your warning more seriously.

    I hope we beat them 75-0 this year.


  6. Dan

    I’ll agree with him on the comparisons to Hannh Montana and The Pussycat dolls. Is that supposed to be good?


  7. To steal a bit from Bill Maher —

    New rule: Any sportswriter who invokes both Hannah Montana and the Pussycat Dolls in a given column has to surrender both his testicles and his press credentials at the door.


  8. Mike

    Exactly Joe. Pete Carroll is the “hip coach”, not Cryer.

    Screw Meyer, I can’t wait to see them fall flat on their faces again.

    I’m glad they have a coach that is so easy to despise again. Only difference is, I actually had respect for Spurrier.


  9. AceG8tr

    “How did they ever lose four games last year?”

    Infants playing defense. Don’t worry boys, this year we’ll be a lot better. Things will be back to normal. 16-3 baby. LOL.


  10. Richt-Flair

    Things ARE back to normal ace. Wonder if hip-hop Urban will dance the Soulja Boy with us after we stomp on his team again?


  11. Mike

    We’re every bit as young as you, AceG8tr. Look it up.


  12. dean

    First AceG8tr it’s 15 -3 unless you’re prematurely counting this year as a win. Second I guess the Zooker was right in that UF didn’t start playing football until 1990. OK so that’s not true. In fact when you look at the 18 games between UF vs UGA prior to 1990 you see basically the same record in favor of the dawgs (14-4). It appears to be a series of long streaks (one way or the other) for both teams. So, in conclusion, I would enjoy the streak the gators have had because it’s coming to an end.


  13. 81Dog

    wow. If Bianchi had sucked up to the Master of Pointing and Staring any harder, he’d have left bruises on said MOPS. The last guy with an unrequited love this public and twisted was John Hinckley.

    How a guy like the MOPS-ster lost 4 games last year is beyond me. He’s “at the height of his powers,” right? What happens if he ever (God forbid) has an off year? Will he go from being the next Spurrier to the next Zookster?

    I dont care if he refuses to identify UGA by name as long as he promises to keep running Baby Jesus Tebow 25 times a game all season. That kid is going to be more beat up than Jerry Quarry by the end of this season. Can’t wait to hear Urban’s excuse if UGA lucks up and wins again this year.


  14. Dan

    is it 16-3 or 47-37-2 0r 2-2 or 1-0?