Good times

If you’re wondering how a school like Washington State could lose eight scholarships due to APR problems, well, it’s because it’s a tough place to study.

… Wulff’s challenges hardly end there. Like all WSU coaches before, he must sell recruits on the merits of isolated Pullman — population 27,030. He must counter the take of Courtney Williams, an ex-defensive back from Los Angeles who left with academic problems.

“WSU is a hard school to go to, man,” Williams says. “You ain’t got nothin’ to do but get drunk and smoke weed, and not go to class because you’re too tired from doing what you’re doing.”

And you thought those kids had it easy.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)



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3 responses to “Good times

  1. NCT

    I’m not impressed. I managed to get two degrees from UGA under similar circumstances, plus we had plenty of places to go and things to do while engaging in the described activity.


  2. Teh Commish

    lazy ass no-gooder.


  3. dean

    Sounds like the majority of college towns to me.