Even Tebow has his limits.

Give the New York Times credit: it’s found something more popular than Tim Tebow.

In a federal obscenity case heard this month, Mr. Douglas defended another Florida pornographer. In the trial, Mr. Douglas set up a computer in the courtroom and did Internet searches for sexually explicit terms to show the jury that there were millions of Web pages discussing such material. He then searched for other topics, like the University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, to demonstrate that there were not nearly as many related Web sites.

The only thing is, the jury voted to convict.  Gator fans.

(h/t Orlando Sentinel)


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6 responses to “Even Tebow has his limits.

  1. Ally

    In the state of Florida porn is more popular than Tebow??

    Never would’ve guessed that.


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  3. dean

    Well done sir.
    I, for one, would rather watch porn than Tebow. But that’s just me.


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  6. thelegacyx4

    Can you imagine what would happen if someone got Tim Tebow in porn? The hits on that site would be through the roof!