Putting your money where your mouth is

The Las Vegas Sun pulls out its Phil Steele 2008 College Football Preview to look at a few judicious wagers for the coming season.  Clemmins (25-1 to win the MNC), West Virginia (25-1, also), Auburn (50-1), Virginia Tech (40-1) and Wisconsin (75-1) all get a nod.

There’s also some good stuff on factoring the element of returning starters, both in terms of disparate experience between two schools and also in terms of using experience between offenses and defenses to make an over/under play, worth looking at.  The latter may be the only reason to pay any attention to the Idaho-Arizona game in the first week of the season.

Meanwhile, here’s a story involving a very different sort of wager involving über-tool and Oklahoma State booster T. Boone Pickens.  (h/t The Wizard of Odds)

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  1. Ally

    As much as I’m ecstatically thankful John Kerry is not and never will be Commander in Chief of this great country…. Mr Pickens you are indeed a tool and should put your money where your sizeable mouth is. That’s pretty shady.