“It’s as simple as that.”

Here’s an exercise in self-delusion.  The article starts out with this lede…

Nick Saban has Jimmy Johns.

Terry Bowden had Robert Baker.

Bowden, who still is hurt by the 1998 arrest of Baker on one count of trafficking cocaine and two counts of distribution, says Saban may not have had much choice but to support Johns prior to the revelation of Johns’ arrest on charges of selling cocaine.

… and goes downhill from there.

“Players haven’t changed,” Bowden said. “Parents have. You know, I had guys who only flunked drug tests in the summer, because they’d go home and their parents smoked (dope). You don’t think that doesn’t drive a coach crazy?”

It’s always somebody else’s fault.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)



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9 responses to ““It’s as simple as that.”

  1. DirkDawggler

    Every time I hear Terry Bowden speak, I think God he’s not coaching somewhere. Unless, of course, he actually went back to Auburn.


  2. Once again, sorry to go off-topic, but congrats on the baseball title!


  3. Shit.. spoke too soon.


  4. That’s how most of us feel today, Jason.


  5. dean

    Wait a minute. An tOSU fan is busting our chops for losing a NC title game. There’s some irony for ya.


  6. Ally

    Dean: Well said.


  7. Hobnail_Boot

    Irony? Try typical Buckeye asshattery.


  8. I was being sincere but made a mistake. Definite asshattery. (That’ll happen when both teams share similar colors and the same nickname.)

    Georgia is practically my 2nd favorite college football team b/c of the fine work of the Senator.

    But feel free to pile on if it makes you feel better.


  9. Should have caught this yesterday – nothing at Jason’s blog or his comments here would lead me to believe he’s a Georgia flamer.

    Now if this were a Meeshegan blog…