Yeah, but where’s the bathroom?

Check out what $2,500 will get you this season at Kansas football games:

How much would you pay to flop down in a cushy leather recliner behind the end zone at KU’s Memorial Stadium?

What if they threw in free food and drinks, along with flat-screen TVs to watch the replays?

You could recreate most of this experience in the comfort of your own home a helluva lot cheaper.  Well, not this, I suppose.

… The new seats will be 6 feet off the ground and 10 yards behind the end zone. Close enough for a long pass to land in a fan’s lap.

“It’s up close and personal,” Marchiony said. “I think that adds to the excitement.”

That’s quite a bit of money for what’s less than the greatest vantage point.  And if you want to keep the chair after the season, that costs extra.  Whatever – it looks like it’s working.  50 of the 56 seats have already been sold for this season.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


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  1. Mike

    Doesn’t this take the crowd out of the game to a certain extent? The endzones are typically the rowdiest spots in the stadium. Seems like a retarded idea to me, but whatever.