The Dawgnation licks its chops.

The preseason legend builds.

There was no hesitation from linebacker Dannell Ellerbe when the question was posed to him.

Which Georgia player has opened his eyes in summer workouts?

“A.J. Green,” Ellerbe said. “He looks real good.”

The freshman receiver from Summerville, S.C., is the most heralded member of Georgia’s incoming recruiting class. Ellerbe can tell why from seeing him in seven-on-seven drills. He says the 6-foot-4 Green runs with long strides in a style that reminds him of a Randy Moss.

“He’s just a go-getter,” Ellerbe said. “He’ll go get the football…”


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5 responses to “The Dawgnation licks its chops.

  1. dean

    Licking our chops indeed. I know I’m not the first to say this but we need a serious deep threat to help spread the field. Hopefully Green, MoMass, and/or Hill (I’ve got my fingers crossed) will give us that. But like Chandler said lets wait and see how Green does after getting popped a couple of times.


  2. Hunkering Hank

    Please, please, please, please, please let it be true.


  3. Chris

    Chandler is right on. It doesn’t mean a thing until he has to think about #9 tee-ing him up across the middle. Fall practice and the GA Southern secondary will reveal the truth.


  4. DAWG1

    don’t worry about going across the middle. he’ll be going on a fly route past reshad for a 80 yd td.


  5. Mark Richt like

    Some of the catches I’ve seen Green make in highschool, while getting hit, were pretty impressive. Sure, it’s highschool. But the focus and talent he has is pretty exciting. GO DAWGS!x