“He was a happy dog.”

Josh Kendall is reporting that Uga VI has passed away.

The King is dead.  Long live the King.


UPDATE: According to the AJ-C, Uga VI will be buried in a ceremony at Sanford Stadium on Monday.


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10 responses to ““He was a happy dog.”

  1. NebraskaDawg

    RIP to a Damn Good Dog!


  2. Ladydawg

    He was a damn good dawg!!


  3. HVLDawg

    Good job faithful Uga VI. Great is your reward. Long live Uga VII!


  4. Sogadog

    ONE FINE DAWG, Hope he is in Dawg Heaven


  5. Here’s someone who’s a bit overwrought in the wake of Uga VI’s passing. Just not in the way you’d think.


  6. Very sad day for the Dawg Nation. RIP Big Dawg.


  7. Ally

    Great pic Senator.

    Oh, and Tuck Fech!


  8. Dr. Ray

    That bastard vapspwi is celebrating Uga dying and making fun of him. His profile can be found on myspace. His email address is vapspwi@gmail.com if you want to send him your thoughts or sign him up for UGA newsletters email updates. Or possibly for any kind of kinky pornography you think he might like! Have fun gettting that long haired, pedophile looking hippy.


  9. Dr. Ray

    Forgot to say that the person I was talking about (vapspwi) was on the Tech forum.


  10. Doc, it’s not worth getting that worked up about. They’re Tech fans – being crass is part of their genetic makeup. 😉