Glass houses… stones.

Paul takes a look at SMQ’s Georgia Tech preview and uses it as a stepping stone to judge expectations for Tech’s ’08 campaign.

I can’t say for sure how the team will do this season, but I think it’s a safe bet based on this story that the denizens of the Yellow Jacket message boards will lead the ACC in hypocrisy.



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3 responses to “Glass houses… stones.

  1. Ally

    Let’s see, if Billy Humphrey is a thug what does that make Jarrard???

    And why did it take 2 months for this to see the light of day? My God, a UGA player gets ticketed for jaywalking and his mug is splashed on the cover of the ajc by morning.


  2. dean

    So the Yellow Jackets message boards leading the ACC (or nation) in hypocrisy this year would differ from previous years how, exactly?


  3. Ally

    I opened my mouth too soon. Thank you Trinton, Bean, and Michael Lemon.

    Thank you.

    Funny how the simple battery charges of Bean & Trinton make the ESPN news, ticker & Sportscenter, yet not a word about problems with other programs, namely Yech.