It’s why they invented home theater.

Just shoot me now if this policy ever gets adopted at Sanford Stadium.


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4 responses to “It’s why they invented home theater.

  1. CLTDawg

    we have the same problem in Charlotte, without the text messaging though. Damn ACC wine & cheese crowd wouldn’t know football if it kicked ’em in the nuts….


  2. dean

    Seriously!…. Seriously?
    What’s next, no cheering?


  3. NM

    Wow, what a joke. But is there even anything worth standing up FOR at a Chiefs game anyway?

    I do think this part is a good idea, though: “The Chiefs also have set up a text-messaging system that allows fans who might be offended by behaviors like standing to report the situation to the powers-that-be.”

    Obviously, not the part about standing, but if someone near you is being really over-the-top obnoxious (throwing stuff, getting violent, being overly confrontational, etc.), it might be helpful, especially since it’s usually impractical to go find an usher (and it’s not like a voice call is really gonna work).


  4. NM, don’t forget we’ve got this coming to Sanford Stadium.