Tater Tot reminisces…

about Uga V’s attempted meeting with Robert Baker’s crotch – and can’t even tell the damned story right.

… The 1996 Auburn-Georgia game, the 100th in the series, became a battle for the history books. Rallying from a 21-point first-half deficit, Georgia won 56-49 in four OTs and for quite some time it remained the longest in NCAA history. It was one of the toughest losses of my entire career.

I will never forget, on the final play of the first quarter, I called a pass play to Baker in the back of the end zone and he made a leaping catch to put us ahead 14-7. But, before he had a chance to celebrate, UGA V leaped forward, perched on his hind legs and attempted to take a chunk out of Robert Baker’s kneecap.

Actually, Baker got the chance to celebrate by taunting the dog with the football.  Briefly.

And the only reason Bowden thinks that Baker’s kneecap was at risk is because Baker had elevated Uga V’s target away from the dog’s lunge.

Good story other than that…


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  1. Ally

    Honestly, is Terry still considered relevant in college football? Relevant enough to write a column?
    I’m amazed everytime I see his name in print that its outside of a jail-blotter.