A look at Central Michigan

ESPN is offering a free look at the Blue Ribbon College Yearbook assessment of Georgia’s second opponent in 2008, the Central Michigan Chippewas.

Sure, Dan LeFevour gets a lot of attention – and deserves a lot of attention, as QBs that pass for 3,000 yards in a season and run for another 1,000 yards don’t exactly grow on trees – but it’s some of the defensive numbers that are truly eye catching.

Like this one:

Last season the Chippewas ranked first in the MAC in rushing defense, allowing 156.5 yards per game, but most of that is likely attributable to opposing offenses lighting up CMU’s secondary to the tune of 303.5 yards per game, worst in the MAC and 118th in the nation.

“We got pushed around up front last season,” Jones said. “We are going to have to bulk up, improve our strength with a real commitment to the weight room.”

Jones has a point — the starting defensive line averages a mere 246.5 pounds across the board. [Emphasis added.]

The leading candidate to start at defensive tackle weighs 237 pounds.  He does have a great motor, we’re told.

This probably isn’t too helpful, either:

To make matters even a little more disconcerting entering 2008, the Chips lost their most consistent defensive performers as linebackers Red Keith and Ike Brown have graduated. Keith topped the MAC in 2007 with 148 tackles, while Brown placed second on the Chippewas with 106 tackles and shared the team lead by tallying 11 tackles for loss.

Blue Ribbon’s final assessment?  Solid on offense, none too pretty on defense.

Grading the Chippewas
Unit Grade
Offense A
Special teams B+
Defense D+
Intangibles B


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9 responses to “A look at Central Michigan

  1. dean

    This game concerns me a little. One because of their offense and two because it’s the week before the Carolina game. I’m sure the coaches will do everything they can to prevent the “look ahead” by the players but you can’t totally prevent it.


  2. Well, I don’t think you can overlook anyone, but that’s one really craptastic defense. With the size of that defensive line, Moreno ought to have a field day.

    Basically, CMU is Troy – except the Trojans last year were better on offense and defense.


  3. dean

    I absolutely agree. I just always get a little worried with these kinda games before a big SEC game. I don’t think the Chips will beat us because of that “craptastic” defense you mentioned. However I do worry about them hanging around for 3 or so quarters. My hope is I’m wrong and we come out firing on all cylinders and put it away by half time, rest our starters and get ready to beat the ever loving _____ out of Spurrier and the chickens.

    You make a good comparison to Troy except I would have to give a slight edge to LeFevour over Hugabook (or whatever Troy’s QB name was).


  4. I would, too. But I don’t think there’s anybody in the CMU secondary who’s going to be the eleventh pick in the NFL draft next year.


  5. Smells like a 50-30 sort of game. If the starters get taken out at the start of the 4th, might end up a two-score margin that makes it all seem closer than it was.


  6. Thanks for the info on Central Mich. I too think UGA should have a field day with them but I NEVER take these games lightly. UGA has a habit of showing up without a cup on to games they think are a givens only to get knocked in the nuts (see Vandy who always play us WAY too close for comfort).

    Thanks for the add to your blogroll, you are given a special honor this morning at Blogging Pantsless.


  7. dean

    Yea, I don’t think CMU has anybody in their secondary who’s banking on an NFL future.


  8. Teh Commish

    One 1st Quarter shot from Michael Lemon and LeFavor will be out for the rest of the game….


  9. A-town Buser

    This game shouldn’t be a contest. Moreno may only get 10 carries and I bet Cox or Gray play the majority of the second half. I hope we get a look at some of the other young RBs and WRs as well. It should allow us to rest many starters, especially on the shallow offensive line and save guys for the South Carolina game.

    That said if we play to our potential and escape the injury bug our season will be decided in Jacksonville. Troubling as it may sound we MUST beat Florida if we are to hold our destiny in our own hands.