Let freedom ring!

Happy birthday, America.  In honor of the occasion, here’s a brief roundup of college sports people breaking the rules/laws:

  • Paul Westerdawg summarizes the recent Georgia problems in a handy scorecard format.  It’s hard to argue with anything he says.
  • Scott Michaux marvels at the stupidity of college athletes.  Maybe so, but it seems to me that the question you’ve got to ask is whether these kids are behaving any worse than their non-athlete peers in school.
  • And this one’s a beaut:  South Carolina turns itself in to the NCAA for a Level I violation because an athletic department staffer bet a dinner with a friend on the outcome of a game not involving the school.  (A third party ratted the staffer out.)  Quel horreur!

Fortunately, today we can take the opportunity to celebrate the liberation of Pat Dye’s pants from the muddy purgatory they were consigned to for more than 20 years.  America is a great country, friends.


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