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It’s not like they were busy.

So Bill Curry has hired John Bond and John Thompson as assistant coaches at Georgia State.

Maybe the school should change its mascot from the Panthers to the Stray Cats.


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Something is better than nothing.

Not too much happening in the world of college football – which, admittedly, can be a good thing – but here are a few nuggets to check out:

  • Noble speech, but who’s to say that every kid listens?
  • You read stuff like this and you wonder why Charlie Weis can’t understand why people think he’s an asshole.
  • Maybe I’m missing something, but wouldn’t an early signing date for football just move all of the bad recruiting behavior by coaches to an earlier point in time?
  • Headcount vs. Equivalency:  keep the scholarship numbers in mind when you hear folks advocating paying college players.  How can you pay some players without paying them all?  And if you have to pay all, where is the money coming from?


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