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Random stuff on a summer afternoon

  • Good news on Brannan Southerland’s rehab, according to the AJ-C’s Chip Towers.  Southerland believes he’s well ahead of schedule and doesn’t think he’ll miss more than three games.
  • Weird news about Matt Stafford:  a list of the top quarterbacks in D-1 for 2008 that doesn’t have MS on it, but does include Juice Williams?  Strange.
  • And the Gainesville Sun’s Pat Dooley ranks the SEC’s football programs.  You’ll be absolutely shocked to learn that Florida is #1 on his list.  Why?  “But what puts UF over the top is the addition of the new coaches offices and Gateway of Champions.” This is the bestest part, though:

… I know, those of you reading in Tuscaloosa, Athens or Baton Rouge will question my credibility, but I ask you these three questions.

Who is the face of college football right now?

What is the best known stadium in America?

Who is the hottest coach in America right now?

You may not answer Tim Tebow, The Swamp and Urban Meyer to all three, but you could.

It’s hard to argue with unassailable logic like that.



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Oh, about that meaningless regular season worry we have…

Via MGoBlog, check out this little bauble.

An engraved tribute to the Michigan game, but nothing about the 1-AA playoff game they won?  That’s gotta sting a little.

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It’s still the defense, stupid.

As much as some like to talk about how much offensive improvement is being shown in the SEC with the advent of the spread option attack, the numbers show that some things haven’t changed as much as we might like to think.  Per Matt at Statistically Speaking, here’s the list by conference of the average yards per game per team gained in conference play in 2007:

SEC offenses aren’t exactly ripping it up there – 10th out of twelve.


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