Random stuff on a summer afternoon

  • Good news on Brannan Southerland’s rehab, according to the AJ-C’s Chip Towers.  Southerland believes he’s well ahead of schedule and doesn’t think he’ll miss more than three games.
  • Weird news about Matt Stafford:  a list of the top quarterbacks in D-1 for 2008 that doesn’t have MS on it, but does include Juice Williams?  Strange.
  • And the Gainesville Sun’s Pat Dooley ranks the SEC’s football programs.  You’ll be absolutely shocked to learn that Florida is #1 on his list.  Why?  “But what puts UF over the top is the addition of the new coaches offices and Gateway of Champions.” This is the bestest part, though:

… I know, those of you reading in Tuscaloosa, Athens or Baton Rouge will question my credibility, but I ask you these three questions.

Who is the face of college football right now?

What is the best known stadium in America?

Who is the hottest coach in America right now?

You may not answer Tim Tebow, The Swamp and Urban Meyer to all three, but you could.

It’s hard to argue with unassailable logic like that.



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7 responses to “Random stuff on a summer afternoon

  1. NebraskaDawg

    The top QB list comes from San Francisco, that hot bed of “touch” football.


  2. NCT

    At least the Gainesville Sun writer acknowledged that Athens is the best college town in America.



    I love it-

    They’ve turned Steve Spurrier into an average coach. That’s just sad.


  4. Bunch

    Pat had best stick to his touch feely criteria b/c the Gators have in the past six years (After Spurrier Era):
    * a grand total of ONE double digit wins season
    * one SEC title (only SECC appearance)
    * one BCS Championship
    * all of the above coming in one season (2006), the other six seasons involve an average of eight wins and a 2-4 bowl record

    UGA, LSU and even Auburn have strung together more quality seasons during this stretch than has UF. Reputation has its privileges.


  5. Who is the face of college football right now?

    What is the best known stadium in America?

    Who is the hottest coach in America right now?

    – Florida finished 3rd in the SEC East last year, and 5th in the SEC. It was the Gators’ fourth 3rd-place East finish in five years.

    – The Swamp is the 5th-largest stadium in the SEC. Should Auburn ever decide to add a few more seats, it’ll be 6th.


  6. Sam

    Dooley needs to take a trip and get a way from Gainesville to regain a reasonable perspective. Meyer is only one win ahead of Zook at the same time at UF, and he was run off. Yes, Meyer won an SEC title, but was very unimpressive doing so. So the jury is still out on UM by any measure.

    The Swamp isn’t in the Top stadiums in the SEC, much less the country. Is he seriously saying this? So much for credibility Pat. LOL

    I will give him Tebow as a terriffic QB, and an outstanding kid. I don’t where he goes from CFB, but I hope Meyer doesn’t have him crippled by the time he leaves UF. I don’t think this year will be much different than last for him, he will get banged around and it will hurt his team’s chances to win 2-3 games. A RB gets nicks all year but bruised fingers, sore shoulders, and wrists being bent back do not keep them from performing the next week in the same way it does Tebow. That doesn’t even address the possible leg injuries. So Tebow is one of the best QB’s in the country, although way down the list as an NFL prospect, but that doesn’t answer the big shortage on the DL.

    Florida could escape with a 2-3 loss season, but that is about as good as it will get for them. I doubt that prevents Dooley from ordering some more Kool Aide nect summer, the 4 loss season this past year didn’t deter his delusionall rant. (Still can’t believe he thinks the Swamp is an upper tier SEC venue! Damn, just damn. Where is that boy from?)


  7. Hobnail_Boot

    Who is the face of college football right now?
    -Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso

    What is the best known stadium in America?
    -Notre Dame Stadium

    Who is the hottest coach in America right now?
    -Bronco Mendenhall